This blog is not just about my time in Colombia, but about the Colombian people, the expats who call this country home and visitors who bring their cameras.

If you want to contribute, email me at

I’m looking for: 

1. Translators. If you speak Spanish and can translate a post or two, just choose one, send it back to me in a word document with translations by paragraph and I’ll add your name and a link in the sidebar.

2. Colombians to interview. This is for the section called Conversations with Colombians. About twice per week, I publish an interview with a Colombian. It’s 10 questions and a photo. If you’re interested in answering my questions, get in touch.

3. Expats to interview. This is for the section called Expats in Colombia. It’s similar to the section above, but obviously the 10 questions are directed at expats. If you’re interested, email me.

4. Writers. I’m always interested in hearing from people who want to write guest posts. They should be around 400 words and include a photo. If you have a unique topic, I’d love to hear it. This is for Colombians, expats and visitors alike.

Here are a few sample possibilities for visitors to give you an idea:
1. What have you learned from local Colombians and your visit to the country?
2. A Colombian recipe you learned and a description of the food.
3. A favorite photo you snapped on your holiday and the interesting story behind it.
4. What was your first impression of Colombia? Was it what you expected?
5. Tell us about one Colombian who has inspired you and why.
6. What were your most rewarding experiences in Colombia and the most challenging situation?

5. Photographers. Do you have photos of Colombia? Add them to the Flickr pool for a chance to be published on the blog.

6. Feedback. If you have something to say about the blog – suggestions, comments, complaints – speak up!

1 Response to Contribute

  1. SabaneroX says:

    Hi! Well I’d love to translate some of your posts, of course I wanna post the translation in my own blog, with all the reference and credits and links to you and your blog, what do you think?

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