Chicamocha Canyon

Deeper than the Grand Canyon and just as majestic, this is Colombia’s Chicamocha Canyon which we passed on our drive from Mogotes to Bucaramanga.

At the bottom of the canyon is a small town which amplifies the height of the surrounding mountains showing just how massive they are.

Nearby, there’s a big park which we plan to visit soon. You can take a cable car through the canyon and there’s all sorts of adventure activities to do while you’re there.

Every time we drive through a part of Colombia, I see more and more of its beauty…

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3 Responses to Chicamocha Canyon

  1. Billy D says:

    Lo mas bello que mis ojos Han Visto, Estuve por ESA 2006 con la familia bello y una experiencia inolvidable

  2. Agne says:

    amazing, Steph!! inspiring pics and stories that makes you wish to just never stop exploring the world and realize how beautiful it really is…wherever you go, there’s always beauty to be found!! 🙂 x

  3. those are beautiful mountains!! I want to see them one day!!

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