A Visit to the School & a Game of Pool

The little girls each kissed my on the cheek after I took a photo of them at the local school. Wilfredo’s mom teaches these so I went with his sister to visit. I carry my camera almost everywhere, so I had it with me even though I didn’t go specifically to take photos.

Before I knew it, all 22 or so teachers had gathered outside to say hello. They each shook my hand and said, “My name is…” in English. Then they gathered together and I took a group photo.

About 600 kids attend the school. I was lead into a few different classrooms to take photos. When I entered each room, the children said in unison “Good morning” in English and then “Thank you” after I took the picture. It was “sports day”, so they were all wearing their play uniforms instead of the usual white shirts and blue pants.

After the visit to the school, we went to play pool. There are two places I’ve seen so far in Mogotes where people play pool. Wilfredo said that women don’t usually go there, but I wanted to play so we did.

After a game of American-style 8-ball, Wilfredo and his friends taught me how to play the Colombian way. The balls (same as the ones used in 8-ball) are lined up touching the rail, equidistant all the way around the table. Both people shoot at 1 then 2 then 3, etc. You can put another ball that will count toward your score if the cue ball touches the number you have to aim at first. You lose points for fouls. When the balls are gone, whoever has the most points wins.

Tomorrow morning, we’re going to drive for seven curvy mountainous hours down to Bogota for a wedding and then back on Monday.


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One Response to A Visit to the School & a Game of Pool

  1. Emm says:

    Aaah, I love this little snapshot into what school is like in Columbia.. I love that last photo too.

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